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    Artur Wolnica
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    Train Track Integration Test Team Lead / Senior ETCS ERTMS Engineer
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09.2022 - now
AWR Engineering (Founder)

Focus on delivery of services for the European Train Control System (ETCS) as part of European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS).

Goal: Development and deployment of exclusive solution utilizing Machine Learning and AI technology to enhance railway engineering processes for railway operators and infrastructure managers.



10+ yr. (exp)
09.2022 - now
Siemens Mobility
System Manager in Project

• Technical lead of ETCS L2 signaling systems,
• System architect for ETCS system design,
• Preparation of system concept and system specifications,
• Analysis of customer requirements per project needs and different type of vehicles

9 yr. (exp)
01.2020 - 08.2022
V&V Manager | Train Track Integration Team Lead

• Recruitment, onboarding and training of different engineering roles, ramping up the teams,

• Leading internal & external teams of engineers who provide engineering expertise in onboard and control systems.

• The role comprises full spectrum of engineering activities related to integration and validation of ETCS/ERTMS systems.

01.2020 - 08.2022
Senior ERTMS ETCS Engineer

• Leading Train Track Integration (TTI) campaigns to improve ETCS software and system safety and ensure that onboard systems are compliant with EU regulations, requirements, baselines.

7 yr. (exp)
04.2015 - 01.2020
Bombardier Transportation
ERTMS Engineer

• Acting as ETCS/ERTMS system expert within European projects comprising control onboard systems and Automatic Train Protection systems.

• I am pleased to have contributed and to have placed yet another brick on the following projects:

Amsterdam - Brussels ETCS L2 Line ⏰ (LINK)
Switzerland TWINDEXX project 🚝 (LINK)

2 yr. (exp)
06.2013 - 04.2015
Bombardier Transportation
ERTMS Engineer, Entry level

• Responsibility for European Train Control System (ETCS Level 2) projects in the Netherlands and Belgium,

• Acting as a Single Person of Contact for ETCS L2 work packages.

12.2012 - 04.2013
ABC Control
Automation and Robotics Engineer

Internship in the field of study:

• Implementation of the welding robot and automatic welding machine designed to weld steel parts of truck's trailers (Schmitz manufacturer),
• Working with ABB robotic interface, carrying out maintenance of robots at customers’ sites,
• Programming industrial robots for assembly lines automation processes.

5 yr
03.2011 - 06.2012
Silesian University of Technology, Automation and Robotics with major in Computer Control Systems
Master of Science (MSc)


Master's thesis: "Fusion methods of the visible and thermal images"

The goal of the thesis was implementation of the fusion algorithms for visual and thermal images.

The aim of the work was to develop an algorithm and software to allow the inclusion of the local temperature changes in thermal image during the fusion of images.

Using fusion techniques and developed application a set of experimental research was conducted to measure the influence of fusion parameters on resulting images.

The algorithms and application were developed in MATLAB environment.

10.2007 - 02.2011
Silesian University of Technology, Automation and Robotics on faculty of Automation Control, Electronics and Computer Science
Bachelor of Engineering (BEng)

Engineer degree thesis: "Generating route for an unmanned aerial vehicle based on the visual information"'

The aim of the thesis was to explore the potential of generating routes for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) based on visual information. The supplied software for controlling UAV was used and widely tested as well as the possibilities of its use were explored.

Tests comprised different operational modes for the aerial vehicle, configurable flight parameters, flight plans, etc. The following software was used during the project:

Virtual Cockpit Application – Proteus

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